Monday, March 21, 2011

The Shak BBQ, Oxford MS

The Shak BBQ in Oxford, MS is becoming a big hit around the Mid-South. Located on Thacker Heights Drive, the Shak offers succulent pieces of pig thats so good you cant help but come back time and time again. The big St Louis style ribs are some of the best around, rivaling those offered in Memphis. A paprika based rub is patted all over the slabs of ribs liberally as they go into the brick smoker. After smoking for 2 1/2 hours they are delivered hot and dripping with flavor. There are 3 kinds of sauces available, a hot and mild mustard base, and a sweet hickory ketchup base. The mustard based sauces are especially good, better than many mustard sauces in South Carolina, an area which is known for it's mustard based sauces. You can get a smoked butt, chipped, sliced, and chopped. Its impossible to go wrong with any of the three, best to just try them all. I am especially fond of the sliced, it falls apart in your mouth but it has just the right amount of crisp on the edges. Add a little hot mustard to it and you've got a meal fit for Archie Manning, a local legend. Here in the land of magnolias, southern belles, and the Ole Miss Rebels, the Shak is a must taste to believe experience. Paul Gunnoe, the owner of The Shak says "You can smell our butts for miles and the best racks in town!"

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